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I’m a physiotherapist and a sports coach from Joensuu. I have studied Sports Medicine at the University of Kuopio and have a long history in providing professional sport coaching for various different sports club and athletes in Finland and abroad. I also provide personal training tips for people.

I’ve worked as a CEO for a local dentist company called Teraskulman Hammaslaakari-asema in the past. In this job I got very interested in finding treatment for different physiological problems people have with biting and with their jaw muscles. This is something I currently work with as well as my coaching and physiotherapy work.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
My motto is: Next level is never enough !
Your happiness comes from understanding why you are alive.
Happiness isn’t just a bunch of joyful and enjoyable moments.
Because that isn’t life.
That is an illusion.
Blogs in English
You can’t hide from your destiny, but you can change it.
Winning is easy. Training is complicated.
If you are a hard-working, it is a virtue. Except when you don´t do the right things.
Do you find yourself wishing that your spouse would be waiting for you with a cup of tea when you return from a jog? If they haven’t ever done in the past, the chances are they won’t start doing it now. You can’t change your spouse but you can change your expectations.
Setting Goals
People set themselves so many ambitious goals these days. You constantly want to earn more money or you start running with the aim of finishing a marathon immediately. But no one ever sets a goal of just feeling good. You forget to like your job and you forget to think that running is just a way of staying healthy. All this because just feeling good and contempt doesn’t seem to motivate you enough. But why?
What Is Enough?
What does enough mean? What is enough? It seems to control everything. What is enough exercise? Are you getting paid enough? Are your clothes good enough? People keep thinking that once they have enough of something they could do things differently and be happier. If you’d have enough money you’d travel more and so on.
But would it still be enough or would you just want more? More money to travel even further and to feel even happier. Perhaps we should all just look around and feel more satisfied with what we already have. Shouldn’t that be enough?


There is always a lot of talk about the importance of learning. But is it more important to learn the right things or just to learn?


A while ago I spent some time looking at the newspaper ads. Most of the things advertised where completely new inventions to me. I really started thinking if I can continue my life without all these great new things. Then I made a list of all the items I have but could do without. It turned out to be such a long list that I realised I’m better off without ads.

Book on the table

There is a book on my table and I’m not quite sure whether I want it to be a good or a bad book. If it is a good book, I’ll want to read the whole thing straight away. If it is a bad book, I’ll force myself to read it even if it takes a few days. So should I read it or just let it lie on the table?


Some studies suggest that stretching isn’t really worth it. I’d like to think that if you spent the last 15 years lifting weights five times a week and ran half marathons regularly without ever doing a single stretch, you might have come to a different conclusion about the importance of stretching.


In my job it’s easy to encounter a person who has lost the ability to move due to a stroke, a skier who has pain in the knee from all the exercising and a professional sportsman who has just lost an important match, and be left confused over which one of them is the most disappointed.

The Benefits of Exercise

If you sprain an ankle and it hurts and is a bit swollen but not broken, you have a few ways of treating it. The usual thing to do is that you can put a cast on. This will unfortunately limit the blood flow for the region and make the muscles around it fade away. It will mean that you need to spend some time getting them strengthened once your ankle heals.

You could also just let it naturally heal. Do a very light exercise to strengthen the area, for example with some light toe exercises. This will keep the blood flow good and ensure the surrounding muscles are strong.

Home Gym

I’m often asked if home gym equipment is ever worth getting. The answer is quite simple. Yes, if you are going to use it or if you really need something new for hanging your laundry. No, if you aren’t going to do either of those two things.

The scent of success

There is always a certain scent in the air when you hang around different sport arenas. And the truth is that the way you think about this scent will directly reflect your chances of success in the specific sport. If the smell of the locker rooms in ice hockey arenas makes you feel sick, then you probably should try a new sport. If the scent of manure is something you can’t get used to then you probably won’t like horse riding for too long.

So the next time you are going for a workout session or you attend a sports competition, think about the scent and whether it means success to you or not.

Posture and headache

There are many symptoms that a bad posture and a tight upper body can cause you to feel. One such symptom is a nagging tension neck headache.

If you suffer from a bad posture and tightness, you can test it with this little test. Stand with your back against a wall and make sure your spine and your head are fully resting against the wall. Your feet need to be around 15.6 cm away from the wall.

Then lift your arms straight in front of you (they need to be touching each other). Keep lifting them up until they touch the wall as well. If the upper part of your back isn’t touching the wall anymore you suffer from a bad posture and upper body tightness.

There is one very simple solution to treat upper body tightness. But you need to contact me to find it out!

A simple exercise for strengthening your lower back

Lie down on your stomach on the floor. You can place a pillow underneath your stomach. Bend your knees to 90 degrees, so that the soles of your feet are pointing to the ceiling.

Try to keep your upper body as relaxed as possible. Clench your bottom so that your knees rise from the floor. Now move your knees away from each other and then slowly back together again. Make sure your knees touch each other in the end.

Repeat the movement a few times. Warning! The movement will tone your bottom as well. You should try it to believe it.


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